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“He delivered. In a big way. We more than trebled what we were achieving before. David will add value to your business. You will not be disappointed.” – Simply Meds Online, UK

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“Holy smokes!!!! 459 bookings and £80k in sales today. Thank you David for being an instrumental part of the foundation of our new business.” – PCR testing, UK

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The World's Only Google Ads Author Who Gets Paid When Clients Make Money
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"This is the world standard in Pay Per Click advertising" - Perry Marshall, 'Ultimate Guide to Google Ads' and '80/20 Sales and Marketing'
The Number One Mistake with Google Ads
"Limited by budget" Means You're Not Making Money
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Find Out How to Make Google Ads Make Money
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The only reason to spend money on Google Ads is to get more back in return.

So is Google Ads making you money? The truth is – many Google advertisers don’t know.

Are you paying a percentage of your ad spend and still waiting for results, sometimes after months of trying?

Many free Google Ads audits look at the money you spend, not the money you make.

But these free audits have no value because they don’t tell you why you aren’t making money and what to do next.

You need the Google Ads ROI Audit

Get the Google Ads ROI Audit Today
What you need for the ROI Audit
  • Your Google Ads account ID (looks like 123-456-7890)
  • Have available capacity or be able to scale it with market demand
  • Be an existing Google Advertiser with at least 60 days current data
  • Be able to adapt your sales process if improvement opportunities arise
  • Be willing to increase your campaign budgets in line with sales and revenue
  • Take online appointments or bookings with a known monetary value or average, OR
  • Take online transactions or deposits with a payment processor or shopping cart
  • Be able to update your website with pages, tracking codes, plugins or other integrations
The ROI Audit is not for
  • Lead generation
  • No Google Ads account ID
  • Offline sales without shopping carts or bookings