Pay Only for Results and Revenue,
Not Percentage of Ad Spend

For qualifying professional service bookings and eCommerce merchants

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Is Google Ads Making You Money?
Many Google Advertisers Don’t Know.

Are you paying a percentage of your ad spend and still waiting for results, sometimes after months of trying?

Did you build your campaigns backwards without knowing your numbers?

We design, build, optimize and scale Google Ads and Shopping campaigns for maximum sales and revenue with a guaranteed ROI of 2X – 20X.

For qualifying Google advertisers only.

Get the ROI Audit™ now to see if you qualify to work with us.

Do These Mistakes With Google Ads Stop You From Growing Your Business?
  • Unmanageable Campaigns

    You can’t grow your business safely and cost-effectively with missing or incorrect campaign conversion tracking. This client’s numbers indicated hundreds of millions of dollars, and were so astronomical it was instantly clear that something was completely wrong.
  • Cost Center, Not Profit Center

    “Limited by budget” means you don’t know whether your campaigns make money or lose money, so your competitors are making sales and revenue while you don’t.
  • Wasting Money

    With the wrong targeting you are not reaching the right customers who are ready to buy. This client wasted almost $48,000 on mobile clicks that made no money for over two years.
  • Not Making More Money

    “Limited by Search Volume”. With Google’s recent changes, it’s never been more important to keep reaching more buyers as they search more often in different ways.
Pay Only for Results and Revenue,
Not Percentage of Ad Spend


We consult with you in depth, so we understand your online business, your buyers, sales process, marketplace, products and services, just as well as you do, or better.


We then build precision-targeted Google Ads campaigns with SMART™ Ads to reach buyers who are searching for you and ready to give you their money.


We only work with Google Advertisers who know they are making money. We GUARANTEE 2X-20X Return on Investment for qualifying businesses based on the system we used for our successful Case Study clients


You can outsell and out-spend your competitors, and maybe even acquire them and sell your company, as one of our successful Case Study clients did.

What People Say

“David’s methods are the most up to date strategies and tactics for optimizing your campaigns for what you really want anyhow – results. His knowledge comes from years of real world “tested in the trenches” experience working day in and day out managing large client accounts. This is the world standard in Pay Per Click advertising.”

Perry Marshall

Author, 'Ultimate Guide to Google Google Ads' and '80/20 Sales & Marketing'

“David quickly understood our business model. Over the last ten years, we have grown our business by 15X, with a consistent Return on Investment (ROI) of almost 20x from our Google Ads campaigns. We have bought out two of our local competitors, and we sold our company to an international transport operator, thanks to David and Google Ads.”

Geneva Airport Transfers

“He managed our expectations really well but more importantly, he delivered. In a big way. We more than trebled what we were achieving before. If you are just starting up or have been operating ads for years, David will add value to your business and will be able to show you with data how much he’s added. You will not be disappointed.”

Simply Meds Online

Guaranteed Results

We guarantee 2X-20X ROI for all our clients, so, unlike other Google Ads audits we’ve seen, our unique ROI Audit™ focuses exclusively on how to make your campaigns make money by integrating them correctly with your business, your website, your sales process, and your numbers.

The Google Ads ROI Audit™ forensically checks your campaigns against Key Performance Indicators, conversion tracking, targeting, and ROI. If we work together, it’s the starting point for all other work, both ours, and yours, and the results are unique to every Google advertiser.

It reveals opportunities to reduce wasted ad spend, improve campaign performance, grow your sales and revenue within the way your business operates, and the potential size of your marketplace.

The Google Ads ROI Audit™ is for existing Google Advertisers ONLY.
All you need is your Google Ads account ID.
Do You Qualify to Work With Us?

“Why this does not work for everyone …”

We are results, revenue and ROI-driven. In the digital age, data beats opinion, and money beats data. Google Ads does not make money for every business. Anyone who tells you that is either lying, or deluded. 

You get paid, or we don’t. We only partner with clients who make money from our work. We do not accept money from our clients unless they get guaranteed value in return.

Unlike other agencies, we get paid by results and profit share, not percentage of ad spend. Like you, we have “skin in the game”. 

Your business is numbers. Google Ads is math.

With the right numbers for your unique business, making Google Ads make money is a mathematical certainty.

Because we guarantee 2X – 20X ROI, we can only work with qualifying service providers, digital businesses, and e-commerce merchants who closely resemble our successful Case Studies.

These usually do NOT include:

  • Local businesses
  • Offline orders e.g. by email or phone call
  • Lead generation with unknown and unproven monetary value
  • Lengthy and complicated sales processes and cycles e.g. trades companies
To qualify for the ROI Audit™, you must:
  • Have available capacity or be able to scale it with market demand
  • Be an existing Google Advertiser with at least 60 days current data
  • Be able to adapt your sales process if improvement opportunities arise
  • Be willing to increase your campaign budgets in line with sales and revenue
  • Take online appointments or bookings with a known monetary value or average, OR
  • Take online transactions or deposits with a payment processor or shopping cart
  • Be able to update your website with pages, tracking codes, plugins or other integrations