What People Say

“The world standard in Pay Per Click advertising” – Perry Marshall

“People have been asking for a long time for an “e-commerce” centric Google Ads book and this is it. David Rothwell brings refreshingly frank yet gracefully Zen-like truth telling to Google Ads. That’s why I’ve been sending clients to him for years and that’s why they keep coming back.

It cost a bunch of advertisers nearly $40 million for this book to get written, but that’s only a tiny part of the story. Truth is, Google advertisers have paid over $100 billion in Google Ads stupidity tax. Not just many but most Google advertisers – and even a great number of my own students – have not made Google Ads pay like it should. Hundreds of thousands of folks have been ‘taken to the cleaners.’ David is on a mission to make that stop.

Most people focus on the clicks of Google Ads. David focuses on “Dollars In – Dollars Out” via conversions. He’s wisely built his business around Google’s Conversion Optimizer and he’s always sold final results to his clients. If something’s not going to work, he tells them.

David states something very powerful in this book: “Google Ads ALWAYS works. What isn’t working is YOU… your marketing, your landing pages, your Unique Selling Proposition, your economics.” Google Ads is the anvil for sales machines. If you’ve got the best sales machine in your business, Google Ads will make you more money than it makes anyone else.

That is such a liberating truth. It reminds me of Sam Carpenter, whose book “Work the System” explains that everything in the universe is operating exactly according to plan… so if your business is a mess, you’re just experiencing Garbage In, Garbage Out. Maybe it’s no coincidence David used to be an Information Technology guy.

David takes a sledgehammer to the idea of an “advertising budget.” If your ROI machine is producing positive results, your goal should be an infinite budget. Note how very different this is from Google’s quarterly profits target, which is to extract as much money from you as possible. They send all their college tuition bills to you, the customer.

So yes you’re going to get a healthy dose of business philosophy here, which will extend far beyond just Google Ads and how to apply them within your newfound ROI philosophy.

Finally he’s going to tell you what NOT to do. 2% of advertisers get 50% of the traffic. Most business endeavors are ruined by what we did NOT know… that we didn’t know we didn’t know. You’re gonna get a healthy dose of that, and David is going to whip you into shape like a polite British Drill Sergeant. Years of experience compressed into this simple pithy book.

I’ve said for years, “Google Ads tigers starve last in the jungle” and it’s true. You’d be amazed at how many people holding themselves out to the Google Ads specialists and experts know fairly little – and ad agencies many times know next to nothing. It’s never been easy to find serious Google Ads talent and if you know Google Ads well you will never go hungry. In fact you may become quite prosperous if you so choose.

This is the world standard in Pay Per Click advertising and will be for the foreseeable future. Be like David and make it your career. Google Ads is here to stay.“

— Perry Marshall, Chicago, Illinois USA

Author, ‘Ultimate Guide to Google Ads’, ‘80/20 Sales & Marketing’, and ‘Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising’