What People Say

“Thank you for an easy-going consultation jam-packed with so much good advice” – The Spokane Shop, USA

“You came highly recommended by Bryan Todd from Perry Marshall’s office who is a very trustworthy source.

We provide luxury automotive upgrades, and we want to squeeze more traffic out of Adwords in a small area. I’ve never tried Adwords services before so I didn’t trust anyone.

What usually stopped me was that there was no way for me to find out if a particular service provider could be trusted. There’s just so many of them out there.

What I loved most was the practical and immediate advice. One hour was jam packed with juicy information and insight. Immediately I could tell I was talking to an expert.

There were so many things to talk about, there was not enough time with so much information to process.

I got exactly what I expected. I needed a thorough look at my campaign and expert advice on how to increase traffic. And that’s exactly what I received.

  • immediate actions steps to increase traffic
  • deep insight into how to change the landing pages to increase conversions
  • showed me new reports and ways to see what’s missing in my campaign and – how to turn on/off certain aspects

I can’t really compare you because this was the first time I ever used a service such as this, but I would recommend you to everyone I know that runs an Adwords Campaign. Even if they think they’re doing good, there is always room for improvement and an expert eye like David’s will go deep.

David, thank you so much for such an easy-going consultation jam-packed with so much good advice. Your knowledge and insight definitely prove you’re an expert.”

The Spokane Shop, WA, USA