FREE bi-weekly public training: Google Ads Revenue and ROI with David

    A bi-weekly 30 mins session with Google Ads Expert David Rothwell. Every other Wednesday at 12.30pm UK time, David will deliver 30 mins of content and answer questions on a topic related to:
    • Does Google Ads work?
    • What is Google Ads ROI?
    • £69k / $87k wasted spend case study
    • $1m revenue case studies
    • Why Google Ads?
    • SEO? Too slow
    • Common myths
    • Business goals
    • Campaign goals
    • Revenue and ROI metrics
    • Limited and unlimited budgets
    • Conversion tracking
    • Campaign types
    • Campaign targeting
    • Google Merchant Center
    • Shopping carts
    • Booking platforms
    • Agency billing models
    • Bids and automation
    • Keywords and match types

    and more …

    Each week David will pick a topic, deliver FREE training and then answer questions from the audience.

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      David Rothwell

      David is a faculty member and teaches online business growth for CEO Space International. He has spoken at conferences for Perry Marshall, Ken McCarthy, PPC Hero and TeCOMM in Maui, London, New York, Chicago, Bucharest, Minneapolis, Atlanta and Dallas.

      He is the author of the ‘Fully Booked’ Google Ads series, ‘The Google Ads Bible for eCommerce’ and co-author of the Amazon #1 best-sellers ‘Sales Genius#1’ and ‘#Remote Working!’ All his books, services and support are intended to help Google advertisers earn more revenue and grow their business.

      David is referenced in Marshall P. (2014) ‘Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords’ Entrepreneur Press, and Jacobson H. (2012) ‘AdWords for Dummies’ John Wiley and Sons Inc.

      David loves to travel, and lives in Berkshire UK, Barbados, and as a Digital Nomad.