What People Say

“He delivered. In a big way. We more than trebled what we were achieving before.” – Simply Meds Online, UK

“We operate in a very high risk sector, with many restrictions in place both legal and search engine policy. We were introduced to David through a team that was doing our SEO at the time (we no longer use them) around 2 years ago in 2019. We had already operated paid ad campaigns for around 4 years with other agencies with whom we’d had mild to moderate success. It wasn’t good enough and our return on investment just wasn’t tangible enough to make it into a viable form of marketing moving forward. David came in and changed all of that.

Working with previous agencies we always felt as if we were not being asked the right questions and always had that sinking feeling, “how do they know enough about our business, they haven’t asked us anything”. Not only did David go into massive detail, questioning how we operate and product specifics, but he also understood the advertising limitations we face better than anyone we had worked with before, He asked so many questions, we actually dreaded an email from him about a product!. We found this very refreshing, no more constant chasing to see how our campaigns are going to go.

He managed our expectations really well but more importantly he delivered. In a big way. We more than trebled what we were achieving before, all whilst diversifying our campaigns. As a secondary effect, we stopped relying on an anti click fraud software on our campaigns that was being used to reduce fraudulent clicks from competitors, meaning less traffic was now being blocked access to our website.

We were sceptical at first as David is freelance and we didn’t really know what we were getting. No agency backing, testimonials or reviews. However David knows what he’s doing and his terms of service are good and are suited to keeping everyone motivated. David keeps emails short and sweet and to date I haven’t been fed any excuses. Just reasons and always with tangible evidence to back them up, more often than not with a solution. David sets up campaigns so clearly so it’s fairly easy to understand what’s going on and all of these are on accounts owned by you. Total transparency.

If you are just starting up or have been operating ads for years, David will add value to your business and will be able to show you with data how much he’s added. You will not be disappointed.”

Parv, Simply Meds Online, UK