£1.5m / $2.04m revenue

4.2X (420%) Google Ads ROI

Eight month B2C start-up to sixty location professional service growth

Start-up UK health service company earns £1.5m ($2.04m) with 4.2X ROI Google Ads in eight months and expands from two to sixty locations.

In November 2020, an established UK health service company, with two West-country based high street outlets, recognised the exploding interest in travel-related PCR testing in clinics, rather than at-home kits.

They had a new website, no SEO rankings, no social media, no email list – and no time to waste to establish and scale their new opportunity.

We had worked previously with their sanitiser products, and so they immediately started using Google Ads to launch their new PCR testing service, which started to see  spectacular success within just a few days.

Over the next eight months, with ever-growing market demand, they then grew their business from two locations to sixty, with a return on Google Ads spend of 4.2X (420%).

They became so successful they were able to hire a full time, dedicated digital marketing team, and run unlimited budgets on Google Ads to outsell and outspend their rivals.

NB. This case study is in UK GBP currency. As of writing, £1.00 GBP = $1.38 USD

From £0.00 to £1.5m ($2.04m) in eight months

November 2020

  • Two locations
  • Starting up from nothing
  • 0 PCR bookings
  • £0 revenue

June 2021

  • 60 locations
  • Up to 459 PCR bookings per day
  • £1.5m GBP revenue ($2.04m USD)

281 campaigns, £20,240.00/day budget

Massive business growth 2020 — 2021

  • 281 campaigns
  • 60 locations targeted UK-wide
  • Average booking value £180.00
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROI) 4.2 (420%)
  • More than 7,700 PCR bookings tracked
  • Unlimited daily budgets (£20,240.00/day)
  • Massive business growth in less than one year
  • Gross campaign revenue in excess of £1.5m GBP / $2.04m USD
  • Start-up to hiring a full-time digital marketing team in less than a year

Up to £80k GBP in PCR bookings per day ($110.4k USD)

“Holy smokes!!!! 459 bookings and £80k today. Thank you David for being an instrumental part of our formation of the new business, and I wish you all the best with future endeavours.”

– George, MD

Fully booked

The goal of the campaigns was simple – fill the clinics, all day, every day, as often as possible, for the right booking price. 

No service business wants an empty calendar or seat. When you’re selling your time, all you want to do is show up and serve your customer, having already been booked and paid.

A very common problem with Google Ads is measuring results only by Cost per Acquisition (CPA). This completely ignores revenue, average order value, profit, and ROI. Many of your website visitors will buy a product they didn’t even come for, or buy more than one product (we’ve all done this on Amazon). 

Unless you track actual sales revenue, you can never know how profitable your campaigns are. That stops you from optimising and scaling them. Many advertisers then misguidedly think Google Ads doesn’t work and often give up on it.

I consulted in depth with the client to know exactly how their business operates, where customers come from, how to target them, how to avoid the wrong ones, the clinics they booked and the revenue they created, target return on investment, and how to eliminate wasted ad spend.

All the campaigns had to be built from scratch, correctly targeted to specific radius-related clinic locations to minimize overlap, initially by towns, then more precisely by latitude and longitude.

As fast as they were getting bookings and filling their capacity, they were acquiring more partner clinics to service them, growing their capacity and business in line with insatiable market demand for PCR testing after COVID-19. 

Sixty minutes to sell

75% of bookings happened in less than an hour after the ad click

With correctly targeted campaigns reaching people searching for you on Google, you have less than an hour to make the sale. For a new start-up client like this one, that is only possible by using Google Ads, which can be showing to your target visitors literally within minutes.

Business is numbers 

Because they knew their numbers and operations so well, they could outspend and outsell their competitors, and continually increase their budgets and UK coverage with additional partner clinics.

In actual fact, due to integration and tracking issues with their website and booking platform, the campaigns were only recording about a third of the real bookings taken. 

So the headline £1.5m revenue was under-reported and was more like three times that size, at about £4.5m. Projected annually from the eight months of my tenure, that means the business was on course from zero to £6m in a single year, subsequently supported by their website claim of “30,000 tests completed”.

Ultimately, rather than continue to pay a non-staff member, when they had made sufficient money, they hired a dedicated in-house digital marketing team. I carried on supporting them after they hired, allowing their in-house team to take over fully. 

This has happened with six of my top twenty clients since 2005, and is the natural evolution of a successful company. I published my last book “Clicks to Money” on Amazon to tell another, similar client case study in a light-hearted, fictional setting.

Key achievements

  • Understanding the client’s business model, clinic locations, testing services, bookings, and payments method
  • Integrating their services and bookings platform with conversion tracking and Google Search campaigns
  • Precision targeting and tracking their ideal customers UK-wide, knowing how much to spend to acquire them
  • Consistently meeting their target return on investment (ROI) and growing their business revenue for the first eight months until they hired their own team

COVID-19 footnote

This case study illustrates that even in times of unheard of uncertainty, sometimes very significant online business opportunities can arise for those with creativity and speed to market such as Google Ads is unique in providing.

This has never been more apparent than in the upsurge in popularity of Zoom, replacing and subsequently complementing live, in-person conferences and events.

Although many businesses including travel, transfers, hospitality, and leisure have been badly affected, nevertheless the fundamentals in money, business, campaigns, tracking and targeting in this case study remain as true and as important as ever for any business who can still trade online.

Why we’re different

We are results, revenue and ROI-driven. In the digital age, data beats opinion, and money beats data. Google Ads does not make money for every business. Anyone who tells you that is either lying, or deluded. 

You get paid, or we don’t. We only partner with clients who make money from our work. We do not accept money from our clients unless they get guaranteed value in return.

Unlike other agencies, we get paid by results and profit share, not percentage of ad spend. Like you, we have “skin in the game”. 

Your business is numbers. Google Ads is math. With the right numbers for your unique business, making Google Ads make money is a mathematical certainty.

Guaranteed Results with the ROI Audit™

We guarantee 2X-20X ROI for all our clients, so, unlike other Google Ads audits we’ve seen, our unique ROI Audit™ focuses exclusively on how to make your campaigns make money by integrating them correctly with your business, your website, your sales process, and your numbers.

The free Google Ads ROI Audit™ forensically checks your campaigns against Key Performance Indicators, conversion tracking, targeting, and ROI. If we work together, it’s the starting point for all other work, both ours, and yours, and the results are unique to every Google advertiser.

It reveals opportunities to reduce wasted ad spend, improve campaign performance, grow your sales and revenue within the way your business operates, and the potential size of your marketplace.

Do you qualify to work with us?

Because we guarantee 2X – 20X ROI, we can only work with qualifying service providers, digital businesses, and e-commerce merchants who closely resemble our successful Case Studies. 

These usually do NOT include:

  • Local businesses
  • Offline orders e.g. by email or phone call
  • Lead generation with unknown and unproven monetary value
  • Lengthy and complicated sales processes and cycles e.g. trades companies

To qualify for the ROI Audit™, you must:

  • Have available capacity or be able to scale it with market demand
  • Be an existing Google Advertiser with at least 60 days current data
  • Be able to adapt your sales process if improvement opportunities arise
  • Be willing to increase your campaign budgets in line with sales and revenue
  • Take online appointments or bookings with a known monetary value or average, OR
  • Take online transactions or deposits with a payment processor or shopping cart
  • Be able to update your website with pages, tracking codes, plugins or other integrations

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