What People Say

“David really exceeded our expectations in customer service and satisfaction.” – Visionary Brands, New Jersey, USA

“We found your company while researching several different Adwords Services online. After reading about your services and numerous recommendations we felt very comfortable setting up an initial meeting. Afterwards the choice to go with David was easy.

We operate several websites that sell various aftermarket vehicle accessories, and our biggest challenge with Adwords is that it was just getting to big for us to manage on a daily basis.

It was really going to take a lot of time to dial in our different accounts to get our desired cost per conversion, conversion rate, as well as taking the time to add negative keywords which we realized was just as important as adding new keywords.

We were a little hesitant on Adwords Services at first, since we were new to outsourcing various tasks, especially one of this size. Our accounts were performing well, but not as well as we would’ve liked them to be, and we didn’t want to hire a service then take a step back.

Since Adwords is one of our top traffic sources we needed to be sure that the service we decided to hire was going to fit perfect. If our initial meeting with David had not gone so well, that would have made us pass, but David was incredibly informative and knowledgeable.

He broke down exactly what he could do for us and how that would impact our key metrics. David has incredible knowledge of the entire Adwords system, and he was able to break it down for us so easily.

His confidence and the way he presented his expertise and information allowed us to understand exactly what he was going to do for us, which allowed us to be confident that we would get the results we were looking for.

David’s interaction with us has been second to none. The support he provides his customers is outstanding. If we have questions they are immediately answered.

We have also launched new product lines and David has seamlessly integrated new campaigns for each product line. He has also taken the time to get to know our products so that when he is creating campaigns and ads they are relevant to our customers.

He has done multiple A/B test to ensure that the best ads are served, which really goes to show how much he wants us to succeed. The time difference is a little tough since he is across the pond, but other than that I can’t think of anything I don’t like about his service.

We expected good things, but our expectations were blown out of the water. Since David has taken over our accounts, performance has been outstanding. Cost per conversion has gone down over all our accounts, while conversion rate and overall conversions have increased significantly.

We are also saving money, since we are no longer bidding on keywords that are not relevant to our industry. He added a tremendous amount of negative keywords which really dialed our accounts in.

The biggest benefits we get are:

  • Cost per Conversion Down
  • Conversion Rate Up
  • Overall Conversions Up

He has optimized the account so that we are only paying for keywords that are relevant to our industry

We consulted with several other services, and David was by far the most knowledgeable and really exceeded our expectations in customer service and satisfaction. We would recommend him to anyone that uses Adwords to be honest, I have already recommended him to multiple companies.

David from takeover until now has been an invaluable service. I cannot begin to state how happy we are with the results he has provided.”

Visionary Brands, New Jersey, USA