Use these free handy calculators to find important numbers about your online sales, bookings, revenue, CPA, ROI and more! No email needed.

ROI and CPA calculator

When you spend $1.00 on Google Ads, how many $$ do you get back in return? What’s the cost of acquiring a lead, booking, or sale?

Find out with the ROI and CPA calculator

AOV and CLV calculator

What’s your Average Order Value with Google Ads? How long does your customer keep paying you, and what’s your Customer Lifetime Value?

Find out with the AOV and CLV calculator

Full calendar value calculator

How much is a full calendar worth to you? The answer may surprise you!

Find out with the Full calendar value calculator

Target conversion rate calculator

What conversion rate do you need to achieve profitable sales from your ad spend?

Find out with the Target conversion rate calculator

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