What People Say

“I thought I had a sound knowledge of Google AdWords” – The Golf Shop Online, UK

“Last year I heard about the Adwords Editor and I downloaded the program from Google.

Unfortunately it did not come with video tutorials or easy to use instructions and I did not use the editor as it seemed too challenging to learn.

Recently I teamed up with David Rothwell who has a wealth of knowledge about Google Adwords and also knows the Adwords editor back to front.

What I learned from David has been invaluable and what seemed like a mountain to climb is now a breeze as his simple instruction has made life so much easier with the editor.

Since teaming up with David my conversion rate has gone up by over 40% and the ability to test different ads and campaigns is now at my fingertips and very easy to do.

I thought I had a sound knowledge of Google AdWords however David’s tips and advice has taken my knowledge to the next level and I cannot recommend highly enough.”

James Langmead, The Golf Shop Online, Devon UK