What People Say

“We get more traffic, more orders, extra revenue, and a person to help take extra work load off my plate” – CTS Wholesale, Oregon, USA

“We are an import company offering wholesale products including sunglasses, reading glasses, displays, hats, lighters and more. We have twenty plus years of experience in sunglasses. We have developed some amazing brands DE, Diamond, Xsportz and Gster.

We used AdWords years ago and had some success with it but in the last year we wanted to try it again. We don’t have the time to focus on this so we wanted to hire a professional and this is where David has come in, and in he does a great job for us.

I had a challenge not really so familiar with Google adwords and was looking for an expert in this area. I saw some of my competitors doing PPC advertising and thought I should give it a try as well.

When I first started my ad campaign I felt I could not keep it going it was costing to much but David soon fixed this when he started working on it.

I am glad I found David he really knows what he is doing in this field. I had used adwords about 5 years before and have seen many changes in this so felt I needed an expert.

I think it is very difficult to have a successful campaign unless you hire an expert. I think it is too hard for somebody just signing up for an account to take on the responsibility of it, and if we did not get the success of conversions and extra orders we would have given up on it.

We were not sure of the results we would get so we wanted to try it. We figured on allowing a little time for David to dial in the ads and get them converting the way we wanted. It seems like after a month he got the cost down and conversions way up.

We really like the dedication you guys put into our campaign and the fact we can trust you to do a good job. I am getting some major benefits now with good conversions at prices I can afford.

We get more traffic, more orders, extra revenue, and a person to help take extra work load off my plate.

We don’t see a reason to go elsewhere with the response we have received, and anyone looking to increase traffic and sales should try it and give it a month or two to see the results in my opinion.

I would recommend David to anyone who is looking to improve sales and doing it at an affordable price.

Keep up the great work, and I look forward to working with David for many years to come”

CTS Wholesale, Oregon, USA