Get the ROI Audit™ Now

We guarantee 2X-20X ROI for all our clients, so, unlike other Google Ads audits we’ve seen, our unique ROI Audit™ focuses exclusively on how to make your campaigns make money by integrating them correctly with your business, your website, your sales process, and your numbers.

The free Google Ads ROI Audit™ forensically checks your campaigns against Key Performance Indicators, conversion tracking, targeting, and ROI. If we work together, it’s the starting point for all other work, both yours, and ours, and the results are unique to every Google advertiser.

It reveals opportunities to reduce wasted ad spend, improve campaign performance, grow your sales and revenue within the way your business operates, and the potential size of your marketplace.

The Google Ads ROI Audit™ is for existing Google Advertisers ONLY

All you need is your Google Ads account ID. 

Please do not invite us to manage your account or provide your own confidential Google Account credentials.

We will request permission to link to your account from our Google-provided My Client Center (MCC), rather than an account invitation. The link is temporary, no personal or payment information is available to us, and you can revoke it at any time.

We will alert you by email after requesting link permission. This process only takes a few minutes.

To grant permission, please login and follow the steps below, and from the main menu select

  1. Tools and settings
  2. Access and security
  3. MANAGERS tab

and select MCC | Rothwell Media Ltd.

Once we have performed the ROI Audit™, we will invite you to book a Zoom screenshare call with us to discuss the results and next steps.

Zoom calls are free via an online link, you do not need a Zoom account, they last a maximum of 45 minutes, and more than one person can attend. Unless you request otherwise, Zoom calls are recorded so you don’t need to take notes, and we send you the recording after the call.

If you don’t have an existing Google Ads account, contact us for further help.

We Guarantee Google Ads for Qualifying Businesses.

To qualify for the ROI Audit™, you must:

  • Have available capacity or be able to scale it with market demand
  • Be an existing Google Advertiser with at least 60 days current data
  • Be able to adapt your sales process if improvement opportunities arise
  • Be willing to increase your campaign budgets in line with sales and revenue
  • Take online appointments or bookings with a known monetary value or average, OR
  • Take online transactions or deposits with a payment processor or shopping cart
  • Be able to update your website with pages, tracking codes, plugins or other integrations