What People Say

“David’s one of the sharpest AdWords minds on the planet” – Ken McCarthy

“In spite of all the aggravation it causes, Google, specifically Google AdWords, has probably done more than any other force to transform Internet marketing from a “hit or miss” medium to something that can be measured and improved scientifically.

“I’ve been tracking pay-per-click advertising since GoTo.com (later Overture, later Yahoo) launched the concept in 1998. I also hosted one of the first serious explanations of how to use and actually make money from Google AdWords in 2003. Two of my students (Perry Marshall and Howie Jacobson) have each written widely respected books on the subject.

If you’re going to use AdWords, you MUST study up on the subject. Otherwise you’ll just be shoveling money at Google with marginal and quite possibly negative results. AdWords is not easy and 95% of the people who have set themselves as AdWords experts don’t know anything beyond making buys.

On the flip side, the right offer when managed correctly can be a serious source of profitable business. Please take note of these two qualification: “the right offer” and “when managed correctly.

This book is the most up-to-date source of reliable insight and information on the subject. It’s based on the author’s experience of making many millions of dollars of AdWords buys for his clients and managing their campaigns.

David is one of the first marketers on Planet Earth to crack the code on Google’s new Conversion Optimization function which is what earned him a place as a featured speaker in Perry Marshall’s $5,000 a seat Summit in Maui.

System folks got the first comprehensive look at how to take a systematic approach to AdWords back in 2003 courtesy of Perry Marshall. Perry’s student Howie Jacobson, another early System grad like Perry, wrote the definitive book “AdWords for Dummies” on melding AdWords with classic direct marketing principles.

David is a former IT exec who discovered AdWords in 2005. In 2008, he was one of the first to play with and make sense of Google’s AdWords Conversion Optimiser (not to be confused with Website Optimiser.) System folks were among the first on the planet to get an inside view of this new AdWords platform.

Unlike every other person in this business I know, who charge by the hour or by the volume of advertising, David partners with his clients and earns a commission on each sale. He doesn’t charge fees, he only charges for trackable results. Until now, how he was able to do this was proprietary information. Now he’s sharing it in this book, a major contribution to the AdWords literature.

David’s one of the sharpest AdWords minds on the planet and he proves it by the deal he offers his lucky clients: you pay for sale and nothing else. Hard to beat that!” – Ken McCarthy, Internet Pioneer, and Founder, The System Seminar™