What People Say

“David Rothwell keeps me on my toes” – Bryan Todd

“He knows AdWords inside and out, he knows what his clients need and want, and he’s always on top of the latest news. He asks the tough questions, and he’s always got solid answers when I ask the tough questions of him. I am always pleased to refer clients to him because he is a professional who serves his customers outstandingly well.”

It was crystal clear the very first time I talked with David about Google’s Conversion Optimizer that he had his finger on the pulse of something highly, highly significant. He saw a new power and capability in Google’s system that I had not previously seen. And he knew why it was important.

Every conversation with him since on this topic has reinforced that this is a game-changer, and that he is one of very few individuals in the know on it. And, more importantly, the only individual I know of who’s actually sharing this with the world in an understandable way.

I know that David’s own use of GCO with clients has changed from the bottom up the way he manages their accounts. A paradigm shift. I also was there to see the reaction in Maui when he shared this with our AdWords Elite Master’s Summit audience for the first time, detailing what this feature within AdWords can actually do.

His presentation was a serious game-changer for a number of people literally starting that very day, and the barrage of questions, followed by the thunderous applause, at the end of his presentation were no accident.

David is the only ‘insider’ resource on the ins and outs of this that I know of. At Perry Marshall and Associates we intend to make full use of his expertise on this in coming months and years.”

Bryan Todd, Co-Author with Perry Marshall ‘The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords’