What People Say

“An uplifting feeling that I could potentially dominate some competitors” – 88 Events, Scotland

“I learned about David from Perry Marshall, our company does event design & management for corporate events, parties and weddings.

Our biggest challenge is time, and knowing what to do profitably, with mixed experience based on doing it myself and working with another company.

I learnt more about what is possible with AdWords Management during 1 hour than I’ve learnt in the previous 5 years, and the Consulting session was over too soon!

The result I got was confirmation that the account is underperforming and can be improved dramatically as is. We will get even better results when I invest more money in a better calibrated account.

I now have a greater understanding of what is possible, that some of what was being done was actually semi-decent, and an uplifting feeling that I could potentially dominate some competitors.

This is the first and only time I’ve ever spoken to someone who seems to understand AdWords from top to bottom.

I really enjoyed the consultation and can’t wait to start working with you!”

Marc Samuels, 88 Events, Scotland