What People Say

“We bought out two of our competitors, and sold our company thanks to David and Google Ads” – Alpybus, Geneva

“I first discovered David Rothwell’s Google Ads services in 2008. We operate shared and private airport transfers from Geneva to ski resorts in the Alps. Google Ads is difficult and confusing and we needed to make sure the cost per conversion accurately meets our business goals.

The biggest challenge for us is that transport fixed and running costs are very high with fuel, buses, tolls, driving staff, admin staff and the short winter seasons. We needed to maximise everything in the winter to see the whole year through. What made us decide to use David’s service was good testimonials from other companies and a long introductory telephone chat. David quickly understood our business model, and is extremely fast to respond and change things according to our needs.

Over the last ten years, we have grown our business by 15X, with a consistent Return on Investment (ROI) of almost 20X from our Google Ads campaigns. We have bought out two of our local competitors, and we sold our company to an international transport operator, thanks to David and Google Ads.”

Simon, Founder, Alpybus S.a.r.L