"Bookings Accelerator"

Money doesn’t lie

“Google Ads helped us start, grow and sell our company”

Simon, Founder, Geneva Airport Transfers

This is the real case study of an airport transfer company, told as a story in a fictional setting, with thirty five lessons and key takeaways.

The business is successful, but Google Ads Manager Charlie now has a problem, with responsibility for selling more seat bookings, making more money, and out-selling their rivals.

Charlie realizes he has no idea how to build, measure, manage, and scale Google Ads campaigns, and integrate them into the business and finances to make money. He is on a deadline and needs help, and as the story unfolds he is given permission to hire an experienced consultant to turn the campaigns around.

Charlie finds Joshua, a Google Ads PPC author and consultant, who lays out an easy to follow plan that enables them to finally make money from their PPC campaigns and transform their business.

Like Charlie, readers can apply the powerful PPC strategies in this book to finally make money with Google Ads, and without agency fees.

Here’s the simple 4-step secret to making Google Ads make money

  • Know your Business
  • Follow the Money
  • Target Buyers
  • Do the Math

If you hate paying Google, “Fully Booked” is your new ‘must-read’.

The “Fully Booked” Series

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