What People Say

“David has AdWords management down to a science.” – Mario Badescu Skin Care, New York, USA

“Mario Badescu Skin Care is known for personalized skin care consultations and products.

We manufacture and distribute our prestige line of beauty products in Northern New Jersey domestically and internationally. We also have a 36 room Spa / Salon in Manhattan, NY.

Our biggest challenge with AdWords is highly competitive keywords for our industry, increasing our cost per conversion exponentially.

AdWords is a great PPC tool, but you can waste a lot of money and time if you do not know what you are doing. There were questions as to why we should pay for conversions that we historically already obtained.

David has AdWords Management down to a science. He knows more about Adwords than most people who teach the Google Adwords Seminars for Success.

What we like most is the one on one services. You don’t buy a company who has 100 people working on your account.

You pay David for his knowledge and services and deal directly with him and him only.

David’s high availability overcomes our Timezone differences without a question, and we are now obtaining the same amount of conversions per month than before but at our target cost per conversion.

  • Identifying new, never before used campaign / keyword opportunities
  • The ability to use advanced tactics such as Ad Extensions correctly
  • Strategic account structure

PPC companies are a dime a dozen these days and they all pretty much operate the same way and do the same thing.

Some promise you unrealistic results and usually always underperform for the price you pay.

David gets you real results, shares the data and coaches you on the things you need to accomplish to make all the pieces come together for Adwords to operate correctly and economically for your business.

I would recommend David to PPC companies who don’t have a clue, it’s always a pleasure working with him.”

Mario Badescu Skin Care, New York, USA