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Make More Money with Google Shopping

Our merchants are making up to 41% more money from Google Shopping. Get started today.


$0.01 Clicks in New Countries for Google Shopping

Products are selling for $0.01 in new countries like New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore and Ireland.

Commission Only

No sale, no fee. We sell your products or you pay us nothing.

  • No contract
  • No sale no fee
  • No minimum budget
  • No fixed monthly fees
  • 5% commission on sales
  • No percentage of ad spend
  • Excludes click costs

eCommerce Experts

Pay for results not ad spend

  • 13 years experience with Google AdWords
  • 9 years experience with Google Shopping

Eligible Merchants

What you need

  • Online prices
  • Online payments
  • Barcoded makes and models
  • 30 days AdWords campaign history
  • Can increase budgets when profitable
  • Minimum annual company turnover $250k
  • Want to sell more products and make more money

Free AdWords Profit Audit

It’s the money you make that matters – not what you spend.

Are your campaigns losing money or making money? Are you missing out on more money?

  • Sales
  • Revenue
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
  • How to stop wasting money
  • How to make more money

We Show You the Money

with the AdWords Profit Audit


Return on Ad Spend (Conversion value / cost) = 4.53 (453%)

This client makes $4.53 for every $1.00 of ad spend.


Stop Wasting Money

This client wasted over $47,000.00 on mobile clicks over 23 months.

They now save over $2,078.00 every month after the AdWords Profit Audit

Make More Money

Our clients increase their budgets and buy more clicks when we show them how much money their campaigns actually make and how profitable they are.


Profit Audit Review

Losing money? Wasting money? Missing more money?

  • Requires AdWords Profit Audit
  • How we can show you the money
  • 30 minute consultation
  • How your business works
  • How you get paid
  • mp3 recording
  • Screen share
  • Transcript
  • US$499 one-time fee

ROAS Accelerator™

We show you the money

  • Requires AdWords Profit Audit
  • Sales tracking setup
  • Revenue tracking setup
  • Website integration
  • 30 days monitoring
  • 30 days email support
  • 30-day Return on Ad Spend review
  • 30 min consultation
  • mp3 recording
  • Screen share
  • Transcript
  • US$499 one-time setup

Shopping Accelerator™

Get more buyers.
  • Requires ROAS Accelerator
  • Product data export
  • Google Merchant Center
  • Shopping cart integration
  • Google Shopping campaigns
  • 30-day ROAS Report
  • US$999 one-time setup
  • Management and optimisation
  • 5% gross campaign revenue
  • Excludes click costs
  • Excludes 3rd party costs

eCommerce Accelerator™

Make more money.
  • Requires ROAS Accelerator
  • Ad extensions
  • Keywords and negatives
  • Google Search campaigns
  • Dynamic Search Ad campaigns
  • 30-day ROAS Report
  • US$699 one-time setup
  • Management and optimisation
  • 5% gross campaign revenue
  • Excludes click costs

Shopping scorecard

Is your website Shopping-ready?

  • https SSL secure site
  • On-page prices
  • Shipping
  • Terms of service
  • Privacy policy
  • Taxes
  • Contact us with email and phone
  • About us page with address
  • Returns and refunds

We wrote the book on AdWords for eCommerce

“People have been asking for a long time for an eCommerce Google AdWords book. This is the world standard.”

— Perry Marshall, author ‘Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords’