The AdWords Money Expert

David Rothwell has 13 years Google AdWords consulting, management and coaching experience, and 9 years specialising with eCommerce and Google Shopping.

David’s attitude and approach to AdWords is completely different to other digital agencies. He counts the money as opposed to simply counting clicks. Campaigns become profit centers with unlimited budgets rather than cost centers, measured by Return on Ad Spend, not Cost per Acquisition.

David coaches, consults with and manages selected world-wide eCommerce clients selling products and services globally on a “share of the profits created” basis, as opposed to the typical Agency model of charging a 10-20% of monthly Google Ad spend.

He is referenced in ‘Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords’ (Marshall) and ‘AdWords for Dummies’ (Jacobson).

David has spoken at international marketing conferences for Perry Marshall, Ken McCarthy, PPC Hero and TeCOMM in Maui, London, New York, Chicago and Bucharest.

David is the author of the Amazon book “The AdWords Bible for eCommerce”, “Clicks to Money – How to Sell More Products and Make More Money with Google Shopping” and “Fully Booked – How to Sell Your Service and Turn Time into Money