eCommerce Payment Gateways

Want a free monthly payrise?

Make More Commission
From Your Existing Merchants

Grow Existing Merchant Revenue

Make more sales commission and transaction fees from your existing merchants without having to find, close and onboard new ones.


Increase Your Merchant Transactions and Commissions

When your merchants sell more products they make more money and pay you more sales commissions.

More Merchant Sales, More Commission

Merchants increase their ad spend and buy more clicks from Google when they know how much money their campaigns actually make.

Sell More Products, Make More Money

Our 3-step PPC Accelerate™ program helps eligible merchants sell more products and make more money from Google AdWords and Shopping campaigns

More Merchant Revenue with Google Shopping

Merchants and Payment Gateways are making up to 51% more sales and revenue from Google Shopping campaigns.

More Countries, More Merchants, More Commissions

Google is expanding Shopping campaigns world-wide

Recent new countries include Ireland, South Africa, Singapore and New Zealand.


A Unique Partnership

Payment gateways earn more commission while we do all the work

We sell products not advertising. We charge commission on merchant revenue, not on ad spend.

Merchants only pay for results, not media buy.

Monthly Payment Gateway Payrise*

*single merchant examples

12% Monthly Payrise from Google Shopping

22% Monthly Payrise from Google Shopping

51% Monthly Payrise from Google Shopping


Maximum Sales and Revenue

Unique merchant benefits

  • No contract
  • No minimum budget
  • No percentage of ad spend
  • Commission payment on campaign revenue
  • Experts in Google Search and Shopping campaigns

PPC Accelerate™

Eligible merchants require

  • 90 days AdWords campaign history
  • >20k /month campaign revenue
  • English products and website
  • Physical products
  • Online payments

Get your merchants started now with the Merchant Scorecard™

The scorecard shows your merchants the value of their clicks and the Return on Ad Spend.

Their campaigns become a profit center, not a cost center.

Merchants can increase their budgets and market share for maximum sales and revenue.


All you have to do – is nothing

Simply send your merchants
to our scorecard and we’ll take it from there.

The Merchant Scorecard™ shows them the value of their campaign sales and revenue.

Eligible merchants can then apply for our PPC Accelerate™ program to increase their sales and revenue.

If accepted they get a free monthly payrise.
So do you.
And it’s the only way we get paid.